A different hat every day for an entire year.

My name is Jared and I own a lot of hats.  I’m not sure exactly how many I have, it is probably close to 200.  This year I will definitely find out.  My goal is to wear a different, unique hat every day in 2018.  How will this happen since I only own about 200?  I am not entirely sure.  I will have to buy, borrow, beg for or steal some hats this year.  My stipulations/requirements are that I have to wear the hat for at least an hour with witnesses and/or wear it in public.  This could lead to some interesting situations with some holiday themed hats.

I have been a big sports fan from a young age. I started collecting baseball cards in 1985 and since then have been an avid follower of almost every sport.  I own tons of apparel and paraphernalia that honestly has no value except for sentimental value.  I have a love of uniform and logo histories.  I was so drawn to this, that I started selling licensed sports novelties online in 2011.  It grew enough that now I have a retail store and it has become my way of making a living.  The name of my company is Hub City Sports.  Some of the hats I will wear are available through my business, but most are not.  I just love representing the teams I root for and I am excited by this challenge.

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